Health Pass: Security Document to Certify Health Status

If required, the Health Pass or EU digital COVID Certificate will be printed using an office printer connected with the MatriX-iPass™ system. In addition, the Health Pass can contain security features that will prevent it from being forged or counterfeited. Health Pass can also be customized depending on the user’s requirement. For instance, we provide a Health Pass for diagnostic laboratories, which can be stamped at the back-side confirming the test or vaccination status of the person who carries the health pass.

Advanced Multi-level Security

LEVEL 1: Overt

LEVEL 2: Covert - Simple

LEVEL 3: Covert - Sophisticated

LEVEL 4: Forensic

Customizable Design for All Applications

Government Agencies

Healthcare Provider


EU Covid Certificate Issuer

MatriX-iPass™ PATRIOT App

The MatriX-iPass™ PATRIOT App is available for Android and Apple devices. The App is linked to a subscriber account for self-registration, schedule appointments, service selection, download vaccination certificates, and, if required, carry out online payment for selected services. Health status can also be verified and displayed if needed. Additional features can be added upon request.

Digital EU Health Pass

Your personal health information is protected through an immutable ledger (blockchain).

Secured and verified records of people’s health status that can be carried anywhere. The status report and green digital certificate can be shared with relevant authorities.

Citizens and Residents get notified of upcoming immunizations and health screenings.

Enterprise Grade Track & Trace Platform

Our digital COVID certificate and health status verification app is equipped with Enterprise-grade Track & Trace feature to ensure vaccination/testing compliance and prevent wastage.

Data-rich metrics dashboard with robust back-end panel

Identify counterfeiting threats powered by AI

Ability to export formatted reports for analysis and sharing

Easy integration to your existing databases and information systems

A4-sized COVID Test / Vaccination
Certificates (Foldable)

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