Now COVID testing is easy, fast, foolproof, and @Home with HealthMatriX AI-powered Self-test Online Certificate solution - MatriX-iPass™ ATG-S-Cert

HealthMatriX has developed an AI-powered COVID self-test process, MatriX-iPassTM ATG-S-Cert, that can be integrated with any Rapid Antigen self-test kits and can produce accurate results in minutes.

Why do the individuals need MatriX-iPass™ ATG-S-Cert?

To test themselves periodically without visiting hospitals/labs
To comply with government and employers’ entry rules during COVID
In order to reduce the cost of frequent COVID tests
Get test results quickly

Why governments and businesses

should implement this?

  • Fast way to know if any physical location is safe or not
  • To ensure a safer work/travel environment
  • It helps reduce the COVID testing costs
  • To eliminate the use of fake COVID tests
  • Easy and quick mass testing
  • To leverage the power of AI technology to ensure that the test results are 100% genuine
  • To restart economic activities without fear of COVID outbreak
  • Empowers governments to implement COVID policies effectively as it is extremely simple for everyone to use

Make testing easy, fast, and foolproof

withMatriX-iPass™ ATG-S-Cert

Here is the step by step procedure for conducting self COVID tests at home with

Take the Test

After selecting the COVID-19 Self Testing procedure in the MatriX-iPass™ Patriot App, the user will be guided step-by-step through a video-recorded self-test procedure as per animation-assisted guidelines.

Analyze the Result

An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm will determine the test result, which can be ‘negative,’ ‘positive,’ or ‘not valid.’

Receive a Certificate

Almost instantly, the user will receive a Self-test Online Certificate to certify a ‘negative’ or ‘positive’ result whereby the QR code-enabled Self-test Online Certificate will be updated in the user’s MatriX-iPass™ App account and a PDF certificate will be available for the user to download.

Integrate MatriX-iPass™ ATG-S-Cert with Rapid Antigen self-test kits to make COVID testing easily accessible, reliable, and instant!

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