Health Matrix data security certifications

HealthMatriX Technologies Ltd.
Singapore August 10, 2021

HealthMatriX Technologies is proud to announce that it has been accredited with two global ISO certifications, ISO 27001 and ISO 27701. So, Health Matrix data security certifications are a primary indicator of the company’s dedication to protecting sensitive data from harmful threats and vulnerabilities.

Hence, as an ISO 27701 certified establishment, HealthMatriX Technologies and its SaaS platform MatriX-iPass™ can better support compliance to privacy regulation, mitigate risks, and keep up with the highest norms in addressing privacy risks related to Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

​Implementation of ISO 27001 and 27701 throughout HealthMatriX’s products and services:

  • The entire HealthMatriX establishment, its flagship products, and other processes at different locations across the globe
  • All supporting tasks, such as advertisement, marketing, and sales
  • All departments involved in the planning, development, maintenance, and operation of HealthMatriX and its products

Certainly, Health Matrix data security certifications act as proof of external validation of having an advanced system that protects data at each layer. The company is continuously striving to provide its customers with the most secure health passport solutions. Above all, the company stays vigilant, constantly inspects and updates processes to work in compliance with the regulations. 

Customers’ data security expectations from HealthMatriX

  • The firm follows effective systems in compliance with privacy protocols
  • Privacy of individuals has no threats

As we are now ISO certified, we can do the following seamlessly:

  • Inspect the organization’s data security risks and assess the effects of possible violations.
  • Work in compliance with the information processing when working with third-party vendors to ensure maximum protection.
  • Develop comprehensive data security measures to tackle security as well as privacy vulnerabilities.
  • Develop a process that helps minimize risks and moreover, continuously focus on data security in the ever-evolving IT sector.
  • Adhere to the information transfer regulations while sharing data internationally.

About HealthMatriX Technologies

HealthMatriX Technologies Ltd., a Singapore-based technology firm, is creating AI-powered SaaS solutions for Infectious Disease Surveillance with Secure Health Pass. The solutions empower governments and organizations to detect disease carriers and effectively moderate human access to physical locations. The company’s innovative solutions help protect the world economy from the disruptive impact of infectious diseases. Thus, contributing to putting an end to the global pandemic.

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HealthMatriX has been audited by the independent tax adviser and audit firm BFMT Audit GmbH, Germany. We like to thank the auditors Dr. Martin Trost, Dr. Martin Moll, and Mr. Tobias Kraus, Head of Audit and Valuations, for the professional guidance prior to the strict audit.

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