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HealthMatriX Technologies the last word in end-to-end holistic medical care offers state-of-the-art remote self-test health diagnostic software solutions systems, laboratory management software, patient, and vaccine record management systems that help in disease prevention, health monitoring, and cutting-edge medical treatment.

Stop the Spread of Infectious Diseases with MatriX-iPass™

Secure your public places, organizations, and business centers from deadly infectious diseases. With MatriX-iPass™, you can now streamline and speed up your vaccination drives, create digital health records, and identify infected persons within minutes. So the world returns safely to the new normal.

Want to know about the COVID-19 self-test verification process?

The post-pandemic era has radically altered conventional wisdom and standard procedures concerning healthcare, disease prevention, real-time monitoring of healthcare metrics, and a customized treatment approach best suited to a patient’s requirements the way forward

HealthMatriX Technologies helps inculcate healthy lifestyle habits, implement the latest hi-tech monitoring and tracking equipment, as well as provides wherewithal resources to secure the general population, public places, organizations, and business centers from life-threatening diseases.

Our state-of-the-art tracking, diagnostics, and care systems combined with stellar disease prevention measures including vaccination drives and digital health records ensure an ever safer and healthier world.

Healthcare Challenges Facing the Post-Pandemic World

The pandemic taught us that our approach to healthcare must have a holistic bottoms-up approach rather than a one- size fits all straight jacketed affair. The advances in technology have made it possible to approach healthcare in a way more comprehensive manner than ever before. There has to be a new paradigm to deal with the healthcare challenges of the 21st century, the broad contour concerns of which are as under:

Distributed Care

It is increasingly understood that healthcare begins in our homes as well as within our communities. There needs to be awareness across the board that each one of us individually and at the community level is responsible for ensuring our good health. The fact that online connectivity has made home-based care and monitoring eminently possible is only one part of the picture that also includes reaching accessing the right kind of treatment and care at the right time for people who need it. Home-based care and hospital-provided care must work in conjunction to create an efficient distributed care system.

Decentralized Care Resources

The right kind of resources must be provided to the front-line teams and first responders as well as patients themselves to empower them to take the right kind of timely care decisions. While the physicians would lead and direct the healthcare initiatives, they would also be immensely helped by the decentralization of care resources.

Digitally Enabled Care Backed by Innovation

Technology plays a vital role in healthcare by helping foster relationships and trust in the healthcare ecosystem. Everything from making appointments and taking one’s medication to monitor one’s condition can be made more streamlined and efficient with the use of technology. Digitally enabled care possesses the potential to increase longevity and reduce the incidence of diseases by a fair measure. Applying an innovative approach to healthcare solutions that anticipates and forestalls the occurrence of diseases works far better than finding retroactive solutions.

Definitive Healthcare Solutions from HealthMatriX Technologies

HealthMatriX Technologies provides a bouquet series of cutting-edge healthcare solutions that are as much about disease prevention and longevity as they are about treatment.


MatriX-iPass is the most definitive way of preventing the spread of infectious diseases. While the worst of the pandemic may be behind us, we must forever always stay on guard against a resurgence or the emergence of new infectious diseases. It is something that needs to be tackled at the individual level and within business centers and organizations.

This is where MatriX-iPass plays a stellar role by streamlining and modernizing vaccination drives as well as helping implement cutting-edge digital records and speed up the identification of infected persons to a few minutes. It ensures that the new normal is a better normal.

Why Matrix-iPass?

MatriX -iPass SaaS solutions

MatriX-iPass empowers businesses, government authorities, hospitals, and other institutions to issue 100% verified digital certificates for work and travel purposes helping stop the spread of a range of communicable diseases. It effectively puts the brakes on the spread of not just including Covid19 but other scourges like dengue, yellow fever, Ebola, measles, TB, Hepatitis, and so on.

MatriX iPass Cloud

MatriX-iPass Cloud is the best tool for definitive immunization and testing management.

From creating, managing, and monitoring secure digital records on testing and vaccination to a state-of-the-art dashboard and control unit, everything about it is out of the top drawer. MatriX-iPass Cloud empowers you with deep data-based insights into the entire vaccination management from a single spot.

MatriX-iPass Patriot App

Matrix-iPass Patriot App helps empower individuals to schedule their vaccination appointments and obtain test results and vaccination status using only their mobile phones.

You can authenticate your vaccine results and test results regardless of your location and own your health certificate in a convenient digital format.

MatriX-iPass Checkpoint App

There is nothing more convenient than the MatriX-iPass Checkpoint App for quick and easy validation of your health credentials

All it takes is a few seconds for security personnel, check-in staff, and inspectors to give you an all-clear status.

MatriX-iPass Checkpoint App Health Certificates

Matri-iPass obtains easy safe access by providing you with a verifiable printed health document equipped with a secure QR code that can help validate the test results and vaccination results for a range of communicable diseases

100% confidence to go ahead and work or travel!

MatriX-iPass Verification Engine

MatriX-iPass Verification Engine makes counterfeit certificates passing muster impossible.

Everything from Covid vaccination certification to any manner of legal document can be checked for authenticity with the help of Matrix-iPass Verification Engine.

MatriX-iPass Ai-Med-Cert-C

MatriX-iPass Ai-Med-Cert-C is an at-home self-verification process par excellence.

No more visiting healthcare centers and waiting in a queue for your Covid diagnostic tests. You can conduct self-tests in the comfort of your home and obtain accurate results in a matter of minutes and instantly receive your updated health certificates enabling you to gain entry to myriad locations.

HealthMatriX Test Kits

HealthMatriX test kits are the most reliably comprehensive way of forestalling the spread of a range of infectious diseases. We provide extremely user and environment-friendly rapid antigen self-test kits that have repeatedly proved their efficacy at many educational institutions and companies.

LEPU SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Test Kits for Self-Testing (Colloidal Gold Immunochromatography)

Our self-tests are both CE certified and approved by the Hong Kong DoH (MMD) and are known to be exceedingly reliable and accurate. These boast-

  • 100% sensitivity.
  • 99.26% specificity.
  • Environment friendliness on account of using a paper-based test booklet.
  • Ease of use on account of using a large cotton swab.
  • Can deliver results in 15 minutes.
  • Can detect Delta, Omicron, and other pandemic variants.
  • Kits come packed in different sizes:
    1. 630 kits/carton: LEPU RAT 5 kits box
    2. 750 kits/carton: LEPU RAT 25 kits box
    3. 420kits/carton: LEPU RAT 10 kits box
    4. 360kits/carton: LEPU RAT 1 kit box

Track’ o Wear-SAAS and Blockchain-Powered Vaccination Status Tracker Par Excellence

The Track’oWear App enables insurers to monitor in real-time the risk exposures to insurance products with lifestyle-based adjustable premiums. This is achieved by gathering data from the insured person’s health tracking device and data from medical tests.

State-of-the-art analytics and artificial intelligence algorithms will be used to present to the insurer relevant reports. The artificial intelligence will also be used to generate highly-personalized recommendations to insured persons to live healthier lives and live longer.

An optional module can be provided, whereby the insured persons can receive monetary or non-monetary incentives if he/she achieves measurable health or lifestyle goals. Gamification of a healthy lifestyle.

Delivery Options

Stand-alone app: Customers can download the app and link, with a few clicks the health tracking device, Apple Watch, Fitbit, or Ouara ring, with the mobile app.

Software development kit (SDK): Insurance companies with existing apps can integrate services provided by HealthMatriX into their own branded app.

So do you want to prevent the spread of communicable diseases in your country or organization?

Wish to revive the economy of your country or increase the revenue of your business?

Like to help people travel, work, learn, and shop safely and securely?

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HealthMatriX provides AI-enabled anti-counterfeit QR codes, NFC/UHF tags, and cutting-edge technology development solutions to protect the products and documents for the health sector. HealthMatriX also provides tamper-evident physical products highly advanced AI-automated software integrations and white-label solutions.

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HealthMatriX Technologies
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