It’s a cloud-hosted platform that works as the control room for authorities to administer vaccination and testing drives. Dashboards with real-time and historical data help them make informed decisions.  

It’s an app for individuals to book appointments for tests and vaccinations, take AI-powered at-home self-tests, make payments for the tests, and add family members. Individuals will also get QR-code enabled health certificates right in this app to prove their health status at physical locations for risk-free entry.

It’s an AI-powered app for access control authorities at physical locations to verify the authenticity of the health certificates shown by the individuals.

It’s a secure AI-powered solution for instantly verifying health certificates and other documents with a powerful traceability feature. It’s ideal for organizations that want to integrate the verification capability with their existing database solutions to authenticate documents presented by their employees/visitors.

It’s an artificial intelligence-backed at-home self-test monitoring and online result certification process that provides real-time results with instant, verifiable health certificates.

HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act which is a collection of regulatory criteria governing the security, confidentiality, and integrity of PHI (protected health information). Any vendors that serve healthcare clients and deal with PHI in any way must be compliant with HIPAA..

HIPAA compliance helps streamline administrative healthcare functions and increase overall efficiency in the healthcare industry. It also ensures that sensitive personal and health information is protected adequately and shared securely.

AI-backed home self-test solutions are highly reliable, secure to use and help reduce the Covid testing cost. In addition, these solutions are scalable and empower individuals to take tests from comfort and safety at home.

The AI-backed monitoring and health certificate issuance technology of Ai-Med-Cert-C gives home testing credibility, and integrated anti-counterfeit technology ensures that health certificates can’t be faked.

Enter your administrator email and password to log in. You can now go to the customer record page to view the list of all customers created in the system.

The left navigation bar has these options:

  • Test Queue
  • Results
  • Account

To manage ‘Locations,’ ‘Roles,’ and ‘Users,’ you need to select the ‘Account’ option in the left navigation.

Only the administrator has permission to add the new role. To create a new role, please select the ‘Create Role’ option, enter the details in the form, and select the permissions for that role.

Only the administrator has permission to add the new user. Log in to your administrator account and select the option ‘Account,’ then click ‘Manage Users’, and from there, select the option ‘Create User.’ Now enter all the required details and select ‘Create User’, and the new user has been created.

Log in to your account and select ‘Customer Database’ from the top left corner. You will see a complete list of existing customers. Now click ‘Create Customer’ from the top right and do the following:

  • Upload an image of the customer’s ID document
  • Enter all relevant customer information into that form

Now select ‘Save,’ and the new user will be created

You can schedule a test if you are a MatriX-iPass™ user with permission to access the customer database. Click ‘Customer Database’ and select the customer record, for which test scheduling is required. Next, look for the field ‘Test History’ in the customer record and select the ‘Schedule Test’ option.

  1. Test type
  2. Payment type
  3. And optional some notes

Now select ‘Save,’ and the new user will be created

Select ‘Schedule’ to proceed.

And now you can see that a new test has been scheduled.

Click the option ‘Results’ in the left navigation bar to access the ‘Results’ table to view customer records that have completed the test. Now, search for the ticket ID or the name of the person who has completed the test and select the ‘Mark as Complete’ option.

Yes. Individuals can easily add all their family members to the MatriX-iPass™ Patriot app and help them with the test/vaccination schedule. Moreover, individuals can pay online for tests for themselves as well as family members.

Yes. Our system has the provision to provide secure, QR-code-enabled health status certificates to the individuals which they can use to access entry at the physical locations — whether it is a workspace, shopping center, airport, or elsewhere.

It is a process for individuals to test themselves for infectious diseases like COVID from the comfort of their homes. They will also get verifiable health certificates to show as health status proof for entrance at the physical locations. Benefits of our AI-backed home self-test solution:

  • No more waiting in the Covid testing lines at test centers
  • Self-test at home and get real-time results
  • Receive instant health certificate
  • Save time and money
  • Add family members to our user app and help them with self-testing
  • Check your Covid status right before leaving your home to reduce the chances of spreading the virus among colleagues or your loved ones

Organizations can build entry criteria for employees and customers to show vaccination proof or negative test reports to access the premises. The security guards at the entrances can verify the health certificates to permit entry.

Yes, a user with the appropriate permissions can save visitor logs in the Visitor Management System.

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