Vaccine Management Solution

Enhancing Global Vaccine Accessibility

Overcoming vaccine distribution challenges, worsened by access barriers and inefficiencies, leaves communities vulnerable to disease outbreaks. Enter MatriX-iPass™ – our innovative solution leveraging advanced tech to revamp vaccine delivery, streamline inventory, and boost healthcare accessibility worldwide.

Elevating the Process of Vaccine Distribution and Verification

Our solution streamlines vaccine distribution and efficiently validates vaccination records.

Streamlined Record Management

Digital repository for convenient storage and access to vaccination records.

Authenticity Verification

State-of-the-art technology to eliminate counterfeit records.

Digital Certificate Issuance

Secure and effective documentation through the MatriX-iPass™ app.

Enhanced Data Security

Unrivalled data protection measures to boost confidence and security.

Digital Vaccine Passport

Provides access to various venues for individuals who are fully vaccinated.

Why Choose Us For
Vaccine Management?

Global Expertise

With a global footprint and a history of success in health technology, HealthMatriX stands as a dependable ally in vaccine management, backed by the robust MatriX-iPass™.

Accessible Solutions

We put user experience first, making sure our technology is user-friendly for healthcare pros and the public, simplifying the vaccine verification process.

Commitment to Innovation

At HealthMatriX, we are continuously evolving our technology to meet present and future needs – staying ahead in vaccine management solutions.

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    HealthMatriX provides AI-enabled anti-counterfeit QR codes, NFC/UHF tags, and cutting-edge technology development solutions to protect the products and documents for the health sector. HealthMatriX also provides tamper-evident physical products highly advanced AI-automated software integrations and white-label solutions.

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    HealthMatriX Technologies
    Unit 8, 18/F, Workingfield Commercial Building, 408-412 Jaffe Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
    +852 2523 9959