Let’s understand how HealthMatriX works to control the pandemic for governments and businesses

MatriX-iPass™ by HealthMatriX is powered by AI technology that helps governments, organizations, and, individuals to restart work, travel, as well as entertainment confidently.

Control the pandemic

Track health status for safe entry for work as well as travel

Access physical locations without COVID fear

How HealthMatriX Works

Modules and uses for different entities



For authorities

An end-to-end web-based admin to control every user’s access from a feature-rich dashboard with live data. Moreover, admins can manage the health status of individuals to control the pandemic and reopen physical locations confidently.



Web user: For labs and pharmacies

A web-based solution for authorized healthcare organizations to manage test and vaccinations programs. They can also issue health certificates to the individuals.


Patriot App

For individuals and their families

A mobile app to book vaccines and COVID tests. Furthermore, they can pay for test or vaccination services via mobile phone.


Checkpoint App

For front gate authorities

A mobile app to book vaccines and COVID tests. Furthermore, they can pay for test or vaccination services via mobile phone.


Health Pass

For everyone

It’s a secure digital and printed health identification document for individuals. Additionally, they can show it as health status proof to organizations for safe entry.


Verification Engine

It’s a stand-alone AI-powered SaaS solution for instant document verification and traceability, be it a health card or any other important document.

Core technologies: MatriX-iPass™

AI-powered verification engine

Instantly detect and deter the use of counterfeit certificates, prescriptions, vaccines, and more.


AI-based tracking technology

Real-time disease surveillance and vaccination tracking technology to make informed decisions.

Secured data policy

Privacy-preserving solution with GDPR compliance and ISO certification.

How to set up MatriX-iPass™ for your business

Finally, you know how HealthMatriX works and are all
set to use the MatriX-iPass™ solutions for your organization!

Benefits after implementing HealthMatriX

For individuals

For governments

For businesses/organizations

For insurance companies

Provide better corporate or individual insurance programs to promote regular testing and also reduce the cost of hospitalization

For airports

Validate health credentials instantly in order to ensure every individual who enters/leaves the airport is COVID-free

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