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MatriX-iPass™ Partner Program

The effective management and control of existing and new/emerging diseases (e.g., SARS COV2, Dengue, Yellow Fever, Ebola, TB, etc.) is a major challenge faced by governments around the world and the economy as a whole.
With the HealthMatriX Solutions Partner Program, you will have access to state-of-the-art digital and physical tools or resources, such as health/vaccination pass, that enable governments and organizations to effectively manage vaccination programs, diagnostic testing, and verifiable health credentials.
HealthMatriX provides a subscription platform to which local diagnostic laboratories will sign-up for and pay subscription fees.

Our Products

MatriX-iPass™ is a secure EU Health Pass system to manage and verify communicable disease test results and vaccination status using a secure-printed EU health pass, anti-copy stamps, a digital EU health pass mobile app, and a wide range of inspection tools. Within the MatriX-iPass™ App, citizens can register and see their test results and vaccination status. A wide range of inspection tools can be used to determine the veracity of vaccine certificates (for eg., EU COVID Certificate) or test results. This makes for a closed-loop system that can effectively protect the integrity of vaccine certificates and test results.
MatriX-iPass™ BC

MatriX-iPass™ BC is a Blockchain-enabled extension of MatriX-iPass™ for privacy and security. Organizations can use this platform to issue digitally verifiable green digital certificates, charging a fee for each issue of blockchain-secured certificates. It provides an immutable record since the Blockchain does not store any private data or health information but only the key or digital signature to validate the certificates. Individuals can share their health pass without exposing underlying personal or private data used to generate the credential.

Grow bigger. Drive more revenue

As a Partner, you can promote our system to subscribers and you will receive a commission on the subscription fees. Whether you want to expand your services or win new clients, we will provide you with continuous support on your growth strategy. Tap into the billion-dollar health status management and integrated health verification market.

Rapid Deployment
Up and running within weeks. New subscribers will be able to sign-on to an almost infinite number of vaccination or test locations. In addition, each location can assign to their staff permission-based access.
Optional Blockchain Module

MatriX-iPass™ BC is a blockchain-enabled extension of the MatriX-iPass™. Custom-built to customer specifications and requirements for blockchain.

Affordable & Scalable
Subscription-based, cloud-hosted, and scalable SaaS platform to manage and verify communicable disease tests, test results, and vaccination status. Local hosting is optional.
Enterprise-Grade Solution
Our platform is used by governments and large enterprises (Fortune 500 companies). An in-house team of top developers to support custom workflows for your enterprise clients.
Global Reach: 245 Countries
Available in up to 245 countries and territories.
Standards Compliance
 ISO 9001 quality management; infrastructure compliant with ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC-2 System is ready to certify FHIR, HIPAA, GDPR compliance.
Secure Data Management
Secure, standard-compliant health data storage and system interoperability.
Range of Inspection Options
Custom-branded smartphone apps for different inspector classes will be made available for IOS and Android phones.

Are You A Good Fit?

The HealthMatriX Solutions Partner Program is designed for national governments, medical laboratories, diagnostic centers, service providers, and other sellers that want to grow their business and use the best technology in health screening and verifiable health credentials. It’s an ideal fit if:

You provide services that may need health status management or verifiable health credentials, e.g., healthcare, travel, sports/entertainment, education, airlines, airports, etc.
You are a hospital, health network, healthcare facility, medical laboratory, or organization that provides diagnostic testing and/or issues health certificates.
You are a supplier for diagnostic equipment or test kits (e.g., COVID Test Kits), IT services provider, or consultant to healthcare facilities, laboratories, government agencies, etc.


As the largest COVID-testing company in the Philippines, LABx needed highly secure technology for our test certificates. Fake certificates were becoming rampant in the country just for people to cross borders. We wanted to implement a standard Health Visa in our airports to enable greater mobility and help revive the economy.
The solution offered by HealthMatriX Technologies Limited, MatriX-iPass™, far exceeded our expectations. The solution encompasses the management of test results and vaccination status. Through the system, a Health Visa will be issued so that the health status can be verified without doubt by inspectors using a smartphone app. The technology confirms your COVID test status and your vaccination record which is critically needed in protecting citizens from the risk of communicable diseases.
We are highly impressed with the work of HealthMatriX and they were very pro-active in highlighting new solutions and applications of this technology. We are confident this solution will help ensure a safe return to normality.

Thomas Hector Navasero

CEO, LabX Corporation

Billion-Dollar Health Screening Market

(Prospective Customer Base)

Medical / Healthcare Organizations

For organizations conducting medical tests and need to keep records: Diagnostic laboratories, hospital groups, etc.

Benefits :
  • Good record keeping (comply with government regulations).
  • Health pass (printed document) motivates customers to come back to get another test done (builds customer loyalty).

Corporations / Physical Workplaces

For companies whose nature of work cannot be done virtually e.g. mining operations, construction, manufacturing, or utility companies.
Benefits :
  • Every week or every 3 days, workers can be tested, and records can be entered into the MatriX-iPass™ system
  • Workers can get a Health Pass with updated results.
  • The mobile app can be used to scan and verify health status.

Food Service Industry

The foodservice industry, from restaurants to food deliveries, is prone to become a super-spreader of communicable diseases. Kitchen staff or food delivery drivers may need to be tested frequently or may need health credentials to be verified before coming to work.
Benefits :
  • MatriX-iPass™ is built to manage and record frequent testing.
  • Workers get a digital/physical Health Pass such as a digital COVID certificate with their most updated test results
  • Employers can prove to authorities that they did the best they could to avoid a super spreader event.
  • Food businesses can boost consumer confidence through virus-proofing their workplace using verifiable health credentials

Travel, Tourism, & Sports

Hotels or tourist locations can conduct tests on visitors or their staff to record their health status. Airlines, resorts, hotels, and travel authorities can implement and customize MatriX-iPass™ to establish rules regarding health status for travelers and passengers. In addition, stadiums, arenas, or venues for large-scale events such as sports games, concerts, or amusement parks can set criteria for health status entry requirements using MatriX-iPass™.

Benefits :
  • MatriX-iPass™ can be customized and configured for requiring a Health Pass, whether boarding a plane, ship, train, or bus to cross borders.
  • Travelers get a Health Pass (digital/physical) with their most updated test results.
  • Travelers can schedule a test through the MatriX-iPass™ App.

Schools & Universities

The German government recently announced that schools could only operate if they can prove that all students got tested two times a week. MatriX-iPass™ could be used to provide the database to keep a good record of that data. In addition, MatriX-iPass™ can be used to set entry requirements to go back to the school and resume activities safely.

Benefits :
  • MatriX-iPass™ is built to manage and record frequent testing and provide EU digital vaccine certificate
  • Students can schedule to get a test via the MatriX-iPass™ App
  • Students get a Health Pass (digital/physical) with their most updated test results

What Our Partners Are
Building With MatriX-iPass™

Health Credential / Certificate Verification

Current vaccine and test results verification and management systems are inefficient and vulnerable. The “yellow card” health certificate that’s currently in the widest implementation across the globe, for example, isn’t tamper or counterfeit-proof. It’s also Current vaccine and test results verification and management systems are inefficient and vulnerable. The “yellow card” health certificate that’s currently in the widest implementation across the globe, for example, isn’t tamperproof or counterfeit-proof. It’s also burdensome for inspectors to rifle through files and databases to determine the veracity of a health certification document.

Vaccination & Testing Management

MatriX-iPass™ can be used as a digital vaccination record which can be used for vaccination campaigns. A verifiable immunization record allows authorities to monitor, track, and trace vaccination compliance. In addition, it allows individuals to adhere to vaccination schedules.

Stopping Counterfeiting & Tampering

Governments and health facilities can fight counterfeiting using a tamper-proof, high-security green digital certificate with proprietary QR technology. The EU health pass are printed on high-security paper with multiple overt and covert anti-counterfeiting features. A wide range of inspection tools like proprietary digital scanners can be used for physical authentication by field inspectors.

Border Control

Allows citizens to share their Health Pass to return to normal activities or cross borders without exposing underlying personal data.

Track and Trace for Health Certificates / Pass

MatriX-iPass™ allows authorities or organizations to have full visibility and traceability of issued health certificates or EU health pass. The Track & Trace Module:

  • Prevents the issuance of counterfeit Health
  • Permits only authorized ‘locations’ to issue EU Health Pass
  • Blocks the use of ‘stolen’ or ‘lost’ EU Health Pass

Choose the Right Partnership for You

Add new revenue streams, win more business, and delight your clients when you partner with HealthMatriX.

Gold Partner

Interested in reselling HealthMatriX and earning commissions by referring Subscribers to the platform? It’s a low-cost way to see what a partnership with us could do for your business.

Platinum Partner (Business Partner)

Interested in a deeper partnership and reap the benefits of higher commission and more exclusivity (managing certain territories or countries)? Become a Business Partner now.

Diamond Partner (Government Agency Partner)

Is your government planning to roll out a national Health Pass or official test/vaccine certificates? Reach out to us so we can help you!
RequirementGold PartnerPlatinum PartnerDiamond Partner
TypeReferalBuisness PartnerGovernment Agency Partner
ActivityRefer SubscribersManage/Country TerritoryNational Health Pass Test/Vaccine Certificate
Monthly Subscription FeeUSD 150USD 1,500TBD
Annual Subscription FeeUSD 1,620USD 16,200TBD
Partner Training (One Time Fee)USD 2,000USD 4,000TBD

Platform Subscription Tiers

Yearly FeeFree
Period7 Days1 Year
Monthly Subscription Fee/USD 2,250TBD
Annual Subscription Fee/USD 24,300TBD
Training Compulsory/USD 2,500TBD
Customer Record Limit10050,000TBD
Additional 10,000 Customwer Records Per Month/USD 500
Additional 100,000 Customwer Records Per Month/USD 4,500

*Prices are for reference only. Custom-tiers are available upon request.

Revenue Share & Other Benefits

% Commission per Deal

Receive revenue share (also known as commission) from the deals you make by selling our health pass / green digital certificate tool. It’s one way we reward you for all the hard work you do selling and servicing our shared HealthMatriX customers. For example, $10,000 sold, the partner receives $200, $1000 as a recurring commission, which depends on their tier.

Other Partner Benefits

Depending on the type of partnership, you can get access to these other benefits:
  • Dedicated Channel Account Managers or Customer Success Managers who can provide you with the tools and resources you need to sell MatriX-iPass™ to new clients and build long, successful retainers.
  • Access to HealthMatriX Demo Portal. You’ll have access to the full Enterprise Suite to demo and sell all HealthMatriX platforms effectively.
  • We provide access to the sales kit, which includes sales processes, sales email, sales script, and other sales-related materials that you can easily apply and train your team.
  • Use your tier badge (partner logos) in places like your website and email signature to differentiate and show your certified expertise with HealthMatriX.

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