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COVID-19 has entirely changed the way businesses operate. Workplaces have shifted to home offices. But as the COVID cases are reducing, the workplaces are getting ready to reopen. However, even the biggest business owners are dealing with these challenges:

  • Unable to find the right COVID solutions for businesses and bring the employees back due to the fear of COVID outbreak
  • No way to ensure risk-free interoperability
  • No way to identify fake health certificates
  • Trouble in creating and adhering to entry criteria at access control points
  • High chances of legal cases by employees if an outbreak happens
  • Customers or clients will be threatened to visit your business because of COVID infection
  • Following the government COVID guidelines to resume safe business operations.
  • Difficulty in identifying fake test/vaccination reports.
  • Unable to trust COVID management solutions due to data privacy concerns

Our COVID Solutions for Business

  • Every business can subscribe to MatriX-iPassTM CLOUD to add nearby healthcare centers. They will be given a mobile security scanner app to frontgate security authorities for managing employee data.
  • Employees can schedule Covid Tests/vaccinations with authorized Labs and get their verifiable health certificates using the Patriot App
  • Security Guards using the Checkpoint app will scan health certificates at the entry and allow the inside premises access to only COVID- free employees.
  • Visitors who want to visit the business get tested from the connected labs and receive verifiable health certificates from accessing the premises
  • Using this COVID solution for businesses, you will have safe and COVID-free premises.
  • Also, it will give confidence to your customers or clients to visit your business by ensuring your premises are completely free of COVID.

How to Integrate MatriX-iPassTM

Products for Businesses of all sizes:-

The company sends mail and SMS to the employees to download the MatriX-iPassTM Patriot App and register for the test/vaccination.

Company Management can decide which lab they want to tie up with for COVID test/vaccination. After that, add the Labs in the MatriX-iPassTM CLOUD and those Labs can now issue health certificates.

Company Management assigns users for the Checkpoint App through the MatriX-iPassTM CLOUD solution to verify health certificates at the entry points.

The company gets the employees tested from associated labs.

Labs will provide verifiable health certificates (Printed and Digital) for Individual Employees.

Employees show the Health Certificate to the Access Control authorities at the office premise entrance.

The Inspector/Access control security guard uses the Checkpoint App to verify the vaccination/test reports. Only the vaccinated and/or COVID-Negative employees get entrance to the office premises.

If a visitor (Interview or Client) wants to enter the premises, he has to Register in the Patriot App and go to the Labs for tests to get the entry by showing Health Certificates.

The scan log is visible on the employees’ profile in MatriX-iPassTM as well as the Inspector Organization’s (Security Department’s) Web Visitor Management system.

If a corporation has multiple business centers or factories. In such a case, headquarters can become the main subscriber and partner with the labs of other business locations by giving them MatriX-iPassTM CLOUD web user access. All their employees can use the MatriX-iPassTM Patriot app and all their security guards/ access control units will use MatriX-iPassTM Checkpoint App.

User Access

Web users - Employees or Visitors
Web users - Employees or Visitors
Web users - Employees or Visitors
Web users - Employees or Visitors

Exclusive Reports

Data for Management

  • How many employees are covid positive or negative
  • How many got their vaccination doses
  • At which location/entry-point more covid positive individuals approached
  • Alerts for whether the employees are missing out on test or vaccination dates
  • Visitors logs and scan reports

Data for Access Control Unit

  • Visitors logs

Future Integrations

  • HealthMatriX modules integrate easily with third-party APIs and databases
  • On Request: Connected to the existing database to avoid replication of the employee entries.
  • HealthMatriX COVID solutions for businesses can also link health data with the employees’ existing Data in HRMS.
  • Verify health certificates instantly
  • Link attendance records directly with the inspector logs for a better understanding of reports

Let’s Return To Work With

HealthMatriX COVID Solution!

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