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When the pandemic hit the globe, nobody was prepared. Governments hurriedly imposed travel bans and lockdowns, resulting in a complete economic halt. These were necessary steps to curb the spread of the disease, but the resulting loss of jobs and poverty will remain unforgettable. Businesses are introducing Digital Health Pass solutions as the world needs to reopen after a long period of lockdown. 

The travel industry has suffered the most because of the pandemic. The UN suspects that over 120 million jobs and over $1.2 trillion will be lost in air, sea, and land travel industries. It’s important to recover these losses as swiftly as possible. So, if the travel industry is to recover, it must do so quickly and effectively. The first thing to accomplish is relieving commuter fears of disease transmission on flights, cruises, etc.

The Problem With Vaccination Requirements and Travel Bubbles

Industry players are desperately finding ways to resume operations while minimizing the risk of spreading the disease. There are already a couple of ideas being discussed by captains of industries and heads of government. Rome and some US airports that have very little to no infections, for example, have begun implementing a travel bubble. Some other airports, such as Singapore and Hong Kong, are also planning to replicate this arrangement.

Luckily, vaccines have been developed and are in the distribution phase. It’s a huge step forward in reopening the travel industry and the economy as a whole. Qantas, the Australian flag carrier, suggests that flights entering the country should require vaccinations upon entry.

Issues associated with vaccines

A major issue raised against vaccination requirements is that it will take a long time. The travel industry would have already lost a massive amount before people could start traveling again. This greatly diminishes its viability as that much-needed boost that the industry needs. The first ones to get vaccines are the elderly and young children; both these demographics are the least likely to travel, so it wouldn’t make a noteworthy shift within the first couple of months.

The Benefits of a Digital Health Pass System

One of the most promising ideas to come out of think-tanks such as the World Economic Forum comes in the form of health certificates and passports. The idea is to track a traveler’s test reports to ensure that they won’t spread the infectious disease onto their destinations. As opposed to vaccines, tests are abundant and are available in almost all countries these days. However, it’s not a perfect system in the sense that it’s susceptible to fraud, data leaks, and privacy concerns.

Why Digital?

Going digital should make this system more fraud-proof. Digital health pass solutions aim to track travelers’ most recent tests for the disease and other relevant health declarations and compile them into one massive database. This way, even the most motivated individuals can’t fraudulently create health certificates on their own.

A.I. Backed Insights

Furthermore, with digital data storage, it can be very easy to implement Artificial Intelligence. This provides an added layer of security and a way to gather data and glean insight on contact tracing, testing, or vaccination campaigns. AI also helps identify fraud or counterfeiting attempts. In essence, it’s not just the travel industry that benefits from the large-scale implementation of a digital health pass, but society as a whole as well.

Introducing: MatriX-iPass™

Leading the way into this new normal is MatriX-iPass™. It’s a SaaS platform with a fully-equipped digital health pass. It aims to create a disseminated ledger bearing verifiable health data of its users. Using the solution, users can issue, verify, and update credentials for use in different sectors. MatriX-iPass™ does not only provide a secure digital passport that contains all the relevant information, but it also supplies users with an easily scannable QR code that grants access to that information to institutions that need it.

For added security, MatriX-iPass™ also uses proprietary QR code security features that should make printouts harder to copy and replicate.

The company’s A.I. integration provides another layer of security as it scours through scanning data and points out anomalies in the system that might be the result of fraudulent activities. In short, MatriX-iPass™ is the perfect solution to the travel industry’s problems. It’s a secure way to document health declarations without ever putting the privacy of its users at risk. This should put the traveler’s mind at ease in more ways than one. Primarily, the up-to-date and verifiable health data should alleviate fears of transmission while onboard a vessel. Secondly, it should eliminate fears of privacy intrusions from institutions with access to that information.

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