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The Role of EU Health Passport Solutions in the Workplace

The world economy has suffered because of the global pandemic. And as the pandemic measures linger, the damage keeps getting more severe. Since 2020, most of the world is struggling to achieve herd immunity. So, advanced health passport solutions may play a vital role in controlling the pandemic.

Even the countries where successful vaccine rollouts happened also reported outbreaks. For instance, Singapore recently announced a new lockdown because of rising cases

Offices are a Natural Hotspot for Spreading Communicable Diseases

Physical workplaces are natural hotspots for infectious diseases, so return-to-work movement seems risky. Physical contact with colleagues is unavoidable and may lead to the spread of infectious diseases.

Moreover, businesses attract a lot of foot traffic from visitors/customers. Also, employees visiting meetings outside the office premises are also prone to diseases. High-touch office equipment like computers, chairs, and tables may also serve as spreaders.

EU Health Pass Give Us a Glimmer of Hope for Return-to-Work

It’s important to note that it isn’t all dark clouds and bad news for the business sector. Innovative solutions help keep productivity up and businesses afloat despite the lockdowns. 

Working from home turned out to be a successful experiment for most businesses. However, it also exposed some points of vulnerability that make people want to go back to the office. Surrounding distractions, for instance. Work from home is a good option but not suitable for dynamic and highly collaborative organizations. 

Apart from vaccine rollout, Health Passport Solutions also help reopen workplaces with safety. MatriX-iPass™ is one such solution to restart operations while keeping everyone protected.  These digital tools help ensure that the workplace is free from infectious diseases. 

The digital health pass solutions use mobile devices to store, manage, and verify vaccination status and test results.

Helps Ensure That Employees and Visitors are Disease-Free

Health pass ensures that only individuals with full vaccination and/or recent negative test results are permitted entry.

By doing this, we can minimize the risks of disease spread from within the office premises. 

With Health Passport Solutions, businesses can already partially reopen their operations. These solutions make businesses free from the friction of inefficient daily health screenings. Employees only need their smartphones to present their health credentials to get entry. 

Enables Managers to React Immediately in Case of an Office Outbreak

The pandemic measures that governments put in place are still in effect. In addition, contact tracing and lockdowns are still active in various regions. 

The digital health pass solutions empower businesses to report and monitor disease cases. With it, if an employee gets tested positive, the information is updated in real-time. It allows managers to take immediate actions to stop the spread. 

What MatriX-iPass™ Can Do to Make Returning to Work a Lot Safer

MatriX-iPass™ is an all-in-one health passport solution. Apart from the basic immunity passport concepts, it introduces advanced functionalities as well. It is an essential solution for businesses willing to resume office operations immediately.

Schedule tests and vaccination

MatriX-iPass™ can be installed on either personal or business-issued smartphones. Together with its network of health institutions and other commercial enterprises, the solution points employees to an accredited testing or vaccination site. It makes the process of acquiring the prerequisites for return-to-work easier for employees. 

Manage and secure vaccine status and test results

MatriX-iPass™ helps manage and secure the test/vaccine data.  At its most basic, the platform uses a secure cloud-based data management system.  

The top-tier subscription uses blockchain technology with another layer of AI protection. It offers companies with superior data privacy and hack-proofing. 

Deploy Rapidly

MatriX-iPass™ requires a basic infrastructure as most operations happen on the software level. So, MatriX-iPass™ is quickly deployable for the organizations aiming to restart operations. And once it is up and running, the platform can manage data for any number of employees.

It’s About Time We All Got Back to the Office

The pandemic has put business operations on a halt. The situation is the same for businesses all across the globe for more than a year now. It already caused a loss of billions of dollars. And, to improve the situation, the business community needs a Health Passport Solution to go back to work safely.

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