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Technology has changed every aspect of human life, from how we travel to how we work in our offices. What has also changed due to technology is the way we perform our medical tests. Nowadays, Medical Laboratory Management System is used in laboratories and hospitals for data management and to process large samples to manage laboratory workflow. 

However, this software has transformed the workflow process by integrating instruments and managing samples and associated information.

Additionally, labs can quickly produce valid results and track data across experiments to improve efficiency. In fact, most labs have switched to AI-based lab management software solutions to improve digital data management.

Why Choose HealthMatriX Laboratory Management System?

HealthMatriX solutions allow healthcare organizations to manage vaccines and associated data to reopen economies with confidence. We have listed some advantages here:

Paperless Work: HealthMatriX cloud-based solution helps eliminate paperwork, leading to better management and easy online accessibility of records. In addition, laboratory staff do not have to spend time and effort managing paper records.

Data Security & Reliability: Our solution store data on Cloud securely and provide users with reliable health certificates. 

Centralize access & Data storage: All data is stored in a central location, making it easy for different users to access

Seamless Tracking: Laboratories can track sample acquisition, testing, and permanent sample disposal.

HealthmatriX Endows Laboratories With Its SaaS Solution MatriX-ipassTM

Laboratories can create and manage digital records with the range of MatriX-iPassTM solutions:

MatriX-ipassTM Health Pass: Laboratories can issue digital or paper-based test/vaccination certificates to patients.

MatriX-ipassTM CLOUD: An end-to-end cloud solution that can help laboratories manage and update all their records in one place.

MatriX-ipassTM Checkpoint App: It is an app for physical locations but it will be provided when they tie up with HealthMatriX authorized labs. To verify the tests/vaccinations authentication of employees, staff, or people, an inspector user via  Checkpoint App will scan the QR scan code and can view complete details on a web page.

MatriX-ipassTM Patriot App: Labs can deliver the QR code-enabled test reports to patients directly on the Patriot App, from where patients can download the reports on their smartphones.      

MatriX-ipassTM Verification Engine: A stand-alone solution that requires only the QR-code verification technology with the existing LIMS. 

Are you wondering how your laboratory can take benefits of the Medical Laboratory Management System

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