HealthMatriX Technologies Limited, one of the fastest-growing technology firms, opens a new office in Singapore. HealthMatriX launched the latest public health system to fight against the pandemic.

Established in response to the global pandemic, HealthMatriX provides digital and physical tools to enable governments and organizations to address challenges, such as effectively running vaccination drives, diagnostic testing, and health credential screening using health passports.

Why Singapore?

Singapore is a world-renowned leader in innovation and technology. Also, it offers a significant concentration of high-quality tech talent and provides a seamless business environment. In addition, Singapore received high rankings on a consistent basis for ease of operating a business. Therefore, all these key factors attracted HealthMatriX to choose Singapore for its new office location.

HealthMatriX’s new Singapore office is ideally situated to better serve the customers in Southeast Asian countries and the rest of the world. The company’s goal is to develop the latest public health system that can deliver true value to society.

Moreover, the addition of the new office in Singapore reflects the company’s commitment to its expanding client base. As their clients need reliable solutions powered by advanced technology, access to the innovation ecosystems in Singapore will enable the company to meet diversifying needs of their clients effortlessly. The company’s expansion will further increase its ability to drive innovation with the accessibility to:

  • A pipeline of skilled talent
  • An unmatchable business environment
  • and modern infrastructure

In addition, HealthMatriX has taken necessary steps to ensure its operations adhere to government guidelines and regulations. The company aims to provide businesses and government agencies with maximum protection against the disruptive impacts of communicable diseases.

Hence, the Singapore office is an important step in HealthMatriX’s strategy to provide high-tech, completely secure internationally accessible, and reliable health status management and health verification solutions. HealthMatriX and its latest public health system, MatriX-iPass™ provide organizations with actionable results that help the organizations effectively deal with the challenges caused by the global pandemic 2020. Such solutions are crucial when authentic health reports are mandatory to prevent disease spread.

About HealthMatriX

HealthMatriX Technologies Ltd. is an innovative tech firm providing governments and businesses with professional, secure, and highly accessible digital and physical tools for health status management and health verification for protection against infectious disease.

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HealthMatriX provides AI-enabled anti-counterfeit QR codes, NFC/UHF tags, and cutting-edge technology development solutions to protect the products and documents for the health sector. HealthMatriX also provides tamper-evident physical products highly advanced AI-automated software integrations and white-label solutions.

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HealthMatriX Technologies
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