HealthMatriX has revolutionized the self-testing process to detect COVID-19 infection at home and take steps to prevent the infection from spreading. The self-test process innovated by HealthMatriX is named MatriX-iPass™ Exact.

MatriX-iPass™ Exact can be integrated with any government-approved COVID-19 antigen self-test kits to produce accurate, real-time results within minutes.

Why opt for antigen self-tests over PCR?

The PCR tests are popular worldwide and are among the most accurate COVID detection methods. However, the results aren’t instantaneous with it. Waiting time for the PCR COVID test results can range from a day to an entire week.

Whereas AI-based antigen self-tests are affordable, completely accurate, and offer the benefits of faster turnaround time.

How does MatriX-iPass™ Exact work?

MatriX-iPass™ Exact is a smartphone-based, foolproof diagnostic process, monitored by AI that can be conducted at home using the MatriX-iPassTM Patriot App.

Let’s understand how the HealthMatriX AI COVID self-test process works.

  1. John is an individual and buys a self-test kit that is integrated with HealthMatriX.
  2. John registers himself on the MatriX-iPass™ Patriot app in order to start the self-test process.
  3. He conducts the test in the MatriX-iPass™ Patriot App by following the animation-assisted guidelines.
  4. An AI-enabled algorithm analyzes John’s COVID test results automatically. And, the final result is one of the three:
    • Negative
    • Positive
    • Not valid
  5. If the determined result is negative or positive, John is provided with a downloadable digital health certificate in the MatriX-iPass™ Patriot App.
  6. John can show the certificate as proof of health status for entry at physical locations, be it an airport, workplace, shopping mall, or elsewhere.
  7. Finally, John can add his family members to the MatriX-iPass™ Patriot App. They can follow the same process to test themselves and get their unique QR-code-enabled health certificates.

What are the integration possibilities for self-test kit providers?

Following Self-test kit providers can easily integrate with HealthMatriX to better protect the mass population from the COVID-19 effects:

  • Government-approved antigen self-test kits
  • Self-test kits with serial numbers for effective tracking
  • Manufacturers with the ability to produce the self-test kits to satisfy the demands of the mass population

Benefits of MatriX-iPass™ Exact

  • Frequent self-tests at the convenience of one’s home
  • No more visits to hospitals and labs for COVID testing
  • Real-time test results in minutes, so no more waiting
  • Save a considerable amount of money on frequent tests
  • Get a verifiable health certificate

Reasons to use antigen self-test kits

AI-powered COVID self-test kits empower individuals to take their tests at home without visiting any hospital or labs. Self COVID tests are useful in the following scenarios:

  1. If the individuals need to show proof of health status frequently to get entry to the workplace or other physical locations.
  2. When individuals visit places where there are high chances of COVID-19 infection, they need to ensure whether they are protected or not.
  3. If Governments need a quick as well as a reliable way to conduct COVID testing for the mass population.

Antigen self-tests using the HealthMatriX automatic COVID testing process are one of the cheapest ways to detect whether a person is contagious or not. In fact, the at-home tests are the best option to know the health status before visiting someone who is more vulnerable to COVID infection. This way, people can protect everyone around them and stop the spread of the virus effectively.

Why HealthMatriX?

HealthMatriX continues to provide data safety with privacy-preserving automatic COVID testing solutions, which are:

  • GDPR compliant
  • Focused on international Data Security and Privacy regulations
  • Compliant to local Government data laws

Do you want to protect everyone against the negative impacts of COVID-19 by implementing MatriX-iPass™ ATG S Cert?

Schedule a demo to know about MatriX-iPass™ ATG S Cert in detail!

Are you an Antigen COVID self-test kit manufacturer?

Partner with HealthMatriX to protect your self-test kits against counterfeiters and support the government to conduct mass testing effectively and efficiently!

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