Although the world is approaching a new year, the pandemic is still having its impact, so countries are continuously following strict measures to stop the impact of COVID.

Which data metrics can be used to track COVID-19?

Without a doubt, vaccination rates and positive COVID test rates are the two key metrics that can help track COVID infections in any country.

Global vaccination rate: Approximately 7.74 billion COVID-19 vaccine doses have been given across the globe. The vaccination rates can be tracked from this chart.

Global COVID case tracker: Tracking recent trends of the nationwide COVID situation can help make informed decisions to control the pandemic. Reported cases, deaths as well as vaccinations by country trends by can help you track weekly cases per 100,000 residents. Moreover, you can sort the chart as per your requirements.

However, every country has a different COVID data matrix depending upon its population, lifestyle, weather conditions, and other things. Therefore, in the next section, we are providing details about the COVID metrics trackers for a few developed countries.

United States

This CDC COVID data tracker is reliable when it comes to seeing the COVID-19 cases and death trends. However, for the US COVID risk & vaccine data, the COVID ActNow tracker is useful.


China has also seen tremendous COVID-19 infections in the past two years. Updated trends for the country are available at Johns Hopkins University & Medicine COVID tracker.


COVID data trends for Japan are available at the Japan COVID-19 data tracker. This tracker includes confirmed, recovered, and active cases along with the total tested population. Also, for better understanding, you can sort the data according to daily new cases, active cases, and more.


Robert Koch-Institut: COVID-19-Dashboard is simple to understand and use for tracking the daily number of confirmed cases in Germany. In addition, it is easy to sort these COVID metrics according to federal states and counties. This dashboard for COVID data matrix includes active COVID-19 cases, 7-day incidence, deaths, and recoveries in Germany.

United Kingdom

Updated COVID trends for the UK are available here. The data on this UK tracker web page includes vaccinations, positive tests, COVID deaths, admitted patients, etc

A few popular Global COVID trackers:

  • CDC COVID Data Tracker
  • Nytimes Coronavirus World Map: Tracking the Global Outbreak
  • WHO Coronavirus (COVID-19) Dashboard
  • Worldometer - Coronavirus Cases
  • CNN World Covid-19 tracker
  • How HealthMatriX can help countries control the pandemic

    The governments can certainly control the pandemic by strategically running COVID testing and vaccination drives. However, they always require upto date data to make informed decisions before taking any steps.

    HealthMatriX offers the most trusted and scalable pandemic management solution - MatriX-iPassTM. It is an enterprise-grade SaaS solution that is equipped with AI-powered advanced analytics and simple to use dashboard.

    Key highlights:

    • AI-powered solution
    • Advanced dashboard to view live data
    • Health certificate issuance and verification technology

    HealthMatriX dashboard is designed for authorities to view live vaccination and testing data. Additionally, they can control the access for partner healthcare centers and view their ongoing and past vaccination/test metrics. This live data helps authorities see how the pandemic management drives are going on and which areas need better planning and cooperation.

    When it comes to reopening physical locations for the general public, HealthMatriX empowers authorities to view the COVID data matrix, like how many COVID positive individuals approached a particular place and make further decisions to control the situation.

    HealthMatriX is the most secure way to control any current and future pandemics with the power of AI technology.

    Do you want to implement HealthMatriX to access live COVID data for strategic decision-making?

    Schedule a demo today!

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