Healthcare has been in focus like never before over the last couple of years or so on account of the pandemic. Governments, healthcare bodies, civil society and citizens, in general, have woken up to the need for effective and timely healthcare to be made available to all. This is where a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) has started playing an increasingly vital role both in disease prevention and treatment.

LIMS allows for the effective management of the movement of samples and other data to help enhance lab efficiency. It does so by standardizing tests and procedures as well as workflows even while providing smooth and seamless control of the process. Typically a LIMS would encompass lab instruments, lab management, data analysis and visualization, customer interface, ERP, Finance and supplier systems.

This is where HealthMatriX’s all-new LIMS software going by the name of MatriX-iPass provides an end-to-end solution that promises to revolutionize preventive healthcare. AI-powered MatriX-iPass comprises a slew of cutting-edge solutions including:

MatriX-iPass Cloud - This is an end-to-end service platform that enables testing, vaccination, health status records management and certificate issuance

Matrix-iPass Health Pass - This leverages QR code technology to issue health status certificates that allow for instant verification.

MatriX-iPoint Checkpoint App - This is an app that allows authorities manning access control points at myriad types of locations to validate someone’s health status.

MatriX-iPass Verification Engine - This is an independent SaaS solution that helps integrate document verification capabilities within a LIMS system.

MatriX-iPass Patriot App - This is an app to help general people and their family members to book their vaccinations and tests and conveniently download the relevant health/vaccination status certificate.

A successful LIMS provides an all-encompassing solution that helps enhance the quality as well as safety of the entire product life cycle. We empower laboratories to enhance their capabilities right from sample collection to the timely delivery of accurate results that helps in smarter decision making and helps provide better and more satisfactory service to those you serve.

We configure the various workflows, help the interface with automated sample handling systems, and enable communication among the systems themselves with the help of web services and direct database communication. What’s more, we help you supervise the workflows of your lab with the help of intuitive dashboards. We help in responding to emerging trends allowing for quicker and better responses in all manners of situations.

Let us learn more about your specifications and processes, so that we can help you deliver the LIMS that meet your users’ requirements.

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