Increasing cases of COVID-19 pose a threat to the world economy. Vaccinations and regular testing are being mandatory for individuals to access any physical locations.

During these challenging times, vaccinations and tests are the ideal options to control the pandemic. However, in the wake of the Omicron variant, testing for vaccinated individuals is also necessary because of its high risk.

People with negative COVID test reports are allowed to access any location – be it a workplace, restaurant, airport, or elsewhere. But, the process of obtaining a health certificate may be intimidating, and hence some people may avoid going out or end up using fake health certificates to access public locations.

Everyone needs an easy way to prove their health status and hence HealthMatriX introduces two state-of-the-art testing and COVID health certificate issuance solutions – lab testing and self-testing.

Let’s explore the MatriX-iPass™ modules

MatriX-iPass™ Health Certificate - It’s a verifiable, anti-counterfeit health certificate for individuals to show proof of tests and vaccinations.

MatriX-iPass™ CLOUD - It’s a secure, CLOUD solution for authorities to administer vaccination and testing drives. It serves as a COVID control center.

MatriX-iPass™ Patriot App - It’s an app for individuals to book tests/vaccinations, make payments for tests, add family members, receive and download health certificates for accessing physical locations.

MatriX-iPass™ Checkpoint App - It’s a smartphone app for access control authorities to scan QR-codes on individuals' health certificates to verify health status and allow entry to the premises.

MatriX-iPass™ Ai-Med-Cert-C - It's an AI-powered self-test module for monitoring at-home tests and issuing health certificates almost instantly.

Easy steps for receiving COVID health certificate with lab testing

HealthMatriX offers an end-to-end AI-powered lab testing solution - MatriX-iPass™ to empower individuals, businesses, governments, and healthcare centers.

Let’s assume a user, named Jack, needs to travel. So, he wants to book a test for receiving a verifiable health certificate. Here are the steps that Jack needs to take:

  1. MatriX-iPass™ Patriot App - Jack will need to install our user app from the iOS or Google app store and create his profile by filling in all the required details.
  2. Once the profile is successfully created, Jack can schedule COVID test at any listed test center.
  3. Jack visits the test center and gets his test done. On successful completion of the test, he will be provided with a verifiable QR-code-enabled health certificate which he can show to the authorities at physical locations for entry.
  4. Additionally, Jack can make payment for the test directly in the app and add his family members to book testing/vaccinations.

Easy steps for receiving COVID health certificate with self-testing modules

Ai-Med-Cert-C is a disruptive solution that lets individuals take at-home tests, get instant results, and download health certificates in real-time. Let’s explore the steps involved in this self-testing and certification process:

  1. Install MatriX-iPass™ Patriot App from iOS or Google app store and register yourself. Also, you can add your family members to the app
  2. Now log in to your profile and select the self-test option
  3. Select test person
  4. Follow on-screen guidelines for completing the verification process
  5. Capture your test result
  6. Now, AI will analyze your test and show the result
  7. Almost instantly, you will receive your health certificate in the MatriX-iPass™ Patriot App. You are now ready to go back to work, travel, or elsewhere with confidence!

Did you see how easy it is to receive your health certificate, no matter which HealthMatriX solution you choose?

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