The Omicron variant of COVID-19 is an alarming issue. Governments or businesses are concerned with it because its characteristics are quite different from the Delta variant. Also, Omicron is spreading much faster than Delta. Now the concern is -- what strategies can help track Omicron variant and prevent it from spreading.

Like the previous waves, vaccination and mass testing are the two major solutions that will also be helpful to tackle this newly emerged variant. However, there are some loopholes in the current strategies that lead to mishandling of the situation, and hence the cases continue to grow.

Therefore the world needs a more powerful and promising solution to ensure everyone’s safety.

But, HealthMatriX can help!


HealthMatriX offers an end-to-end pandemic management solution – MatriX-iPass™ to stop the spread of any pandemic like COVID-19. It’s an AI-powered solution that helps governments, businesses, and the general public to resume economic activities safely and confidently.

Let’s explore MatriX-iPass™ modules

  1. MatriX-iPass™ Health pass: It’s a counterfeit-proof, secure health status certificate for individuals to show proof of vaccinations and test results.
  2. MatriX-iPass™ CLOUD: It’s a cloud-hosted platform that works as the control room for authorities to administer vaccination and testing drives.
  3. MatriX-iPass™ Patriot app: It’s an app for individuals to book appointments for tests and vaccinations, take self-tests, make payments for the tests, add family members, and get health certificates to show at physical locations for risk-free entry.
  4. MatriX-iPass™ Checkpoint app: It’s an AI-powered app for access control authorities at physical locations to verify the authenticity of the health certificates shown by the individuals.
  5. MatriX-iPass™ Ai-Med-Cert-C: It’s an AI-backed self-test solution for getting instant results and verifiable health certificates. Moreover, it lets the individuals test themselves in the comfort of their homes.

How governments can use MatriX-iPass™ to prevent the spread of Omicron and other COVID variants:

HealthMatriX helps governments protect the mass population against Omicron and other COVID-19 variants. As a result, government authorities can make strategic plans to resume economic activities without fearing Omicron spread.

With the HealthMatriX solution, the governments can:

  • Easily track Omicron variant across the country
  • Administer vaccination and Omicron testing drives effectively via the dashboard
  • Track and trace vaccination/testing stats in the country in the real-time
  • Provide a way to the mass population to issue verifiable health certificates to the mass population
  • Eliminate the use of counterfeit health certificates in the country
  • Build COVID-protection guidelines and measure the performance
  • Using MatriX-iPass™, governments and healthcare departments can ensure that all the vaccines, syringes, and test kits are trackable

How businesses can use MatriX-iPass™ to prevent the spread of Omicron and other COVID variants:

  • Businesses can provide their workforce with an omicron-free environment.
  • Build entrance guidelines for the workspace.
  • Verify the health status of the workforce, clients, and customers with one simple scan.
  • Securely manage the health status records of your workforce.
  • Manage any current and future pandemic with confidence.

How MatriX-iPass™ benefits individuals

  • Book tests and vaccinations from one single app.
  • Get verifiable health passports in the app. They can also load the certificate on their smartphone and show it to the access control authorities for accessing physical locations.
  • Confidently access any physical location, be it a workplace, airport, shopping center, or elsewhere.
  • Option to take self-antigen COVID-tests at home with instant results and health certificates.

Reasons to choose MatriX-iPass™ solution

  • GDPR and HIPAA compliant
  • Adherence to international data security and privacy standards
  • Compliant to local government data laws

Want to use HealthMatriX to track Omicron variant effortlessly and prevent it from spreading? Schedule a demo today!

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