Asking for a medical certificate is the most common practice among organizations when employees avail their medical leaves. However, some employees can use counterfeited health certificates; some may even get fake ones from the widely available online doctors. Therefore, it is difficult for organizations to distinguish between genuine and fake medical certificates. So, organizations need to find a fool-proof solution to identify fake medical certificates for making informed decisions.

HealthMatriX introduces an AI-powered solution -- MatriX-iPass™ Verification Engine -- to securely verify the authenticity of any document in real-time. Also, the solution comes with a powerful traceability feature.

MatriX-iPass™ Verification Engine highlights

Instant verification with QR-code scan

Organizations can verify the documents instantly by scanning the QR-code.

A separate smartphone app for the organizations

MatriX-iPass™ Checkpoint app for organizations to scan the document’s QR-code and, moreover, they can save scan logs back in the database management system.

Landing page with complete verification info

Once the verifier (organization) completes the QR-code scan, a landing page will display the complete document details -- whether it is original or fake.

Privacy and security compliance

HealthMatriX offers a completely secure and privacy-focused solution which is:

  • GDPR compliant

Our medical certificate issuance and verification process

  1. The doctor will subscribe to the MatriX-iPass™ Verification Engine.
  2. Using our AI-powered QR-code technology, the doctor/healthcare center can make all the prescriptions easily verifiable, more secure as well as completely anti-counterfeit.
  3. If an employee submits any medical record/prescription provided by that doctor/healthcare center, the organization can easily scan the document using MatriX-iPass™ Checkpoint app, to instantly identify fake medical certificate.

Do you want to identify fake medical certificate for leaves in real-time?

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