The spread of COVID-19 all across the United States impacted the economy badly. The current pandemic severely affected businesses of all scales. To mitigate the COVID risks, it has become more than necessary for businesses to ensure safe entry into their premises. Furthermore, president Joe Biden signed a new executive order which has made vaccinations necessary for US workers. However, the businesses are facing troubles in adhering to the vaccine mandate order. Let’s take a look at the problems faced by American employers and the best possible solutions for them. 

Current problems faced by American Employers

  • No way to ensure whether the employees got vaccinated or not 
  • Difficulty in facilitating employees with a test and vaccine booking system
  • No way to validate health certificates 
  • No way to detect the use of fake health certificates

As per the new executive order signed by Joe Biden, vaccination has become mandatory for Federal Contractors. Without a doubt, this order is a powerful solution for a COVID-free workplace. Safer Federal Workforce Task Force announced new guidelines to strengthen Biden’s order for ensuring safety at workplaces. All the employees of fed contractors and subcontractors have until December 8, 2021, to be fully vaccinated.

Biden’s COVID guidelines for American Businesses 

  • Employers must mandate the vaccine for their employees to enter the workspace.
  • Employers must ensure that unvaccinated employees are getting tested frequently to ensure only disease-free employees can access premises and resume working. 
  • Unvaccinated private employees will bear the expenses of frequent tests so that they can safely come back to the physical work location.
  • OSHA penalties for employers:
    • Covered employers who ignore the guidelines can be fined up to $14,000 per violation. 
    • The penalty for repeat offenders can be $140,000 per violation.

Biden’s COVID-19 action plan

In COVID-19 Action Plan, on Sep 9, 2021, President Biden publicized the path out of the pandemic. It depicts that the companies having more than 100 employees must conduct vaccination or weekly testing for infectious disease. He also said – “We have the TOOLS to fight against the virus.” This plan will save even more lives in the upcoming month while keeping schools open and protecting the economy from damages and recessions. 

In addition, Lab References Advisory Group – a certified minority SDVOB has ensured that these TOOLS are secure to screen, detect, track, and manage the infectious disease in the entire workforce, including contractors and temporary staff employees.

HealthMatriX for businesses of all scales to adhere to Biden’s vaccine mandate

  • AI-powered vaccination/test booking and verification solution
  • Complete data security and privacy
  • Protect your business against any pandemic like COVID
  • Secure, counterfeit-proof health certificate solution
  • Resume interoperability with confidence

How HealthMatriX can empower businesses to comply with the policies

#1 AI-powered infectious disease surveillance tool – HealthMatriX

MatriX-iPass™ is a proven-in-use SaaS solution to manage, verify, test/vaccination data related to infectious diseases. Its monthly Subscription per Employee is less than $4. However, using this tool, the employers can prove to authorities that they did their best to avoid a super spreader pandemic.

HealthMatriX solutions

HealthMatriX offers MatriX-iPassTM– an end-to-end solution for businesses to track and manage COVID test and vaccination status for employees as well as customers. 

MatriX-iPassTM modules:

  • MatriX-iPassTM CLOUD: Business organizations will be the main subscriber using the MatriX-iPassTM CLOUD. They will control access for labs, security teams, and employees.
  • MatriX-iPassTM CLOUD User: Business authorities will tie up with hospitals and labs and provide them with MatriX-iPassTM CLOUD User access for issuing verifiable health certificates – COVID test results or Vaccines. 
  • MatriX-iPassTM Patriot App: Employees can book tests or vaccination through this app and get their verifiable health certificates from the authorized hospitals and labs. 
  • MatriX-iPassTM Checkpoint App: Access control authorities at entry points will be the main user of the MatriX-iPassTM Checkpoint App. They can validate vaccine certificates of employees and allow/disallow the entry to ensure safe access to premises. 

#2 HealthMatriX + Self-test kits process 

There are FDA-approved Test Kits authorized for home use with self-collected nasal swab samples to test COVID. This tool charges less than $8 for Employers and Employees per test.

Furthermore, a home test kit with HealthMatriX can improve the process of testing and monitoring results. Individuals can conduct tests at home and upload the home COVID-19 test kit result data to the Patriot App. It will generate their QR code-enabled health card, which they can download on smartphones.

However, the FDA continues its public health commitment to pursue new approaches that help make critical tests available to more Americans through EUA authority.

#3 HealthMatriX + AI-powered retina eye scan screening software to detect COVID

There is a German firm that has developed an alternative method to detect COVID with an eye scan. Targeted at companies and commercial users, this solution for a COVID-free workplace costs less than $4 a month for Employers and Employees. You can also integrate it with HealthMatriX to ensure the authenticity of health certificates.

So, whether it is FDA Approved COVID Rapid Test Kits for Home/Work or AI-Powered Retina Eye Scan Screening software to Detect COVID, its integration with HealthMatriX is easy.

Benefits for businesses after implementing HealthMatriX

  • Confidently resume business activities
  • Give confidence to your employees by providing a safe work environment
  • Maintain and update health records confidently
  • Comply with Biden’s  COVID policies

Let’s empower your organization together!

The guidelines for American employers clearly indicate that the vaccine mandate applies even if the workplace follows other COVID safety standards.

So, if you want to adhere to Biden’s Vaccine Mandate and are looking for a secure solution to provide a safer work environment to your workforce, MatriX-iPass™ is the ideal solution. 

Wondering how MatriX-iPass™ works as a solution for a COVID-free workplace? Book a demo to see it in action! 

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