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We continue to witness the efforts made by governments and pharmaceutical companies to develop vaccines to control the pandemic. In fact, multiple approved vaccines are already there to curb the effects of this new and deadly infectious disease. However, various management challenges need to be tackled to execute successful vaccination programs across the globe. An end-to-end vaccination management solution like MatriX-iPassTM by HealthMatriX can help tackle various challenges in this domain. 

Major vaccination management challenges and their solutions

  • Vaccine authenticity challenge: Fake vaccines entering the supply and distribution chains are affecting the general public’s health. 

Solution: With the use of the MatriX-iPassTM SaaS solutions, governments can verify the authenticity of vaccines. If the government subscribes to our verification engine solution, HealthMatriX will also provide a Checkpoint App. The government authorities can scan the QR code using the MatriX-iPassTM Checkpoint app, and a web page will pop up with complete details about the vaccine authentication.

  • Upcoming dose notification challenge: The governments and healthcare organizations struggle to notify individuals about their upcoming dose of vaccine.

Solution: MatriX-iPassTM Patriot app lets individuals book vaccinations/tests, and it lets them view their upcoming vaccination schedules. 

  • Vaccination records and security challenges: Authorities face trouble in managing vaccination records and protecting them from hackers and counterfeiters.

Solution: MatriX-iPassTM CLOUD solution lets authorities manage and update records while eliminating all privacy concerns as the platform follows strict privacy and security standards. 

  • Challenge in keeping track of vaccinated individuals: As inoculation is being conducted at national levels all over the globe, keeping track of individuals who got vaccinated and which company’s vaccine it was, is a challenging thing.

Solution: Using MatriX-iPassTM SaaS solutions, the authorities can issue verifiable health certificates to individuals which contain all the data related to the vaccine including the date, name of the vaccine, and name of the hospital/lab where the vaccination happened. Using the MatriX-iPassTM Patriot app, individuals can show proof of their inoculation. 

Effective vaccination management solutions play a key role in achieving herd immunity and by solving all these challenges, we can get one step closer to the normal, healthy, and pre-pandemic environment. Indeed, HealthMatriX is one promising solution for achieving that!

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